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Mike Flanagan

Hi, my name is Mike Flanagan & welcome to my blog. I formally quit fulltime work due to ill health in January 2014. But haven't actually been back to my job since I first took ill in August 2010. So I guess you could say that I am sort-of semi retired. As I'm slowly getting back into things, I've created a blog about Internet Marketing http://www.miketflanagan.com It's a change of profession for me as I had a successful career at senior technical executive level, working for a Tier 1, global systems and solutions supplier. I qualified as an electronics engineer long ago and finished up an IT professional, large-scale systems senior solutions architect. So, from that demanding role I describe myself as a Corporate Survivor, Technologist and Entrepreneur. My target is now set on establishing a successful online home based business.

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Dec 1st, 2015



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Mike Flanagan's Bio

Technologist, Entrepreneur & Corporate Survivor.

I was a Senior Technical Executive (IT Systems Architect). Corporate Survivor because I left the politics & hustling of that world behind.

Focused on Internet Marketing, using tech & business skills gained throughout my professional career.

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