William Wallace Brower


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My Flat Earth Introduction - My Beginnings

William Wallace Brower

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZPHGkLpewE On July the 5th 2015, I made an impromptu decision and decided to start making Flat Earth videos. I had seen Mark's videos a month or so back, and I had only started researching the subject, but it was enticing. What caused me to start making videos, was the sheer irrationality that I saw coming from people with other perspectives. I've long described the Flat vs Globe Earth debate as very polarizing. People are either intrigued or greatly offended at the assertions by the debate. This is simply because of the level of knowledge that people believe that they have about this issue. Everything that they had been taught tells them that the world is round. Questioning that is questioning the very education that we have. Heck, it's questioning the education that we pay good money for in schools. That alone should upset people. A Globe Earth believer takes a scientific look into the dark conspiracy theory that the world is Flat. I discuss obvious edited photo and videos from NASA, along with the interesting theories about airplanes and lighthouses. I believe that I put forth accurate examples of why people question the Globe model. If you do not think that there is reason to question, I ask if you have researched the information at all. I don't state that these things inside prove Flat Earth. I never make that claim.


Nov 30th, 2015



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