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VHS to DVD Converter service East Kilbride 07412 126643

Jax Internet

Straight Transfer of Video To DVD in East Kilbride Glasgow Lose the tangled up video tapes and get shiny DVDs instead! East Kilbride VHS to DVD will take your VHS tapes, Camcorder tapes and put them onto DVD for you. Preserve your memories and never worry about tangled up tapes or cracked cartridges. Packages start at £10 per VHS tape of upto 3 hours long. This service is a straight transfer service which means that whatever is on your tape is what goes to the DVD with no editing at all. We can transfer VHS tapes/ VHS-C tapes/ 8mm Camcorder tapes and miniDV tapes (the tiny SONY Camcorder tapes). Please contact us about NTSC tapes first before ordering. East Kilbride VHS 2 DVD | Call 07412126643 to get your video tapes on DVD today | Put your precious memories on DVD today https://youtu.be/Y7JggXDjxyc Subscribe to our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MrSeoinabox

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Nov 28th, 2015



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We are online marketers based in East Kilbride just outside Glasgow. We help small businesses by designing websites then marketing them so you can generate leads for your business. Let us help your business get visible online. Call us today 07412 126643

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