Terry Frazier


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Latoshia BTV Commercial

Terry Frazier

Explains how BTV will help you cut your cable bill. BTV brings together live TV, Video-On-Demand, Personal Media Sharing, Internet Radio, and the best of the Web's social media services through a seamless user experience -- one device, one remote control or keyboard, one user interface. With BTV, your guest can choose how they want to interact with the world. Chat with friends, update their Facebook page, share and watch YouTube Videos, watch Live HDTV, the latest Hollywood Movies and of course access the entire Internet with a fully integrated and interactive Web Browser. BTV provides all of this and more: · Works on SD & HD TVs · Video-on-demand -- pay-per-view · Internet on TV -- Web browsing, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. · Advertising · Interactive Program Guide · Works on WIFI networks http://laanderson.legacy.direct Or Contact: Latoshia Anderson about the "$100 Off Cyber Monday Deal"Application. Happening ONLY on Nov. 30th 2015. Latoshiaa33@gmail.com or Facebook: facebook.com/tbone.anderson

Product Advertising

Nov 27th, 2015



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