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*****DJI Phantom 3 Drone*****

Kenneth Hall

The DJI Phantom 3 drone is finally here and we're excited to review the most highly anticipated quadcopter of the year. After the success of the previous Phantom generation, we were excited to see what DJI could bring to the table; Would they increase the range? Battery life? Add new features? Yes, yes and yes... and so much more. At first glance, the Phantom 3 looks deceptively similar to the previous generation shell. In fact, it looks nearly identical so it would be normal to assume not much changed. But you'd be wrong, dead wrong. The new Phantom 3 is light years ahead of the previous generation of ready to fly drones (like the Phantom 2 Vision) and leaves most other manufacturers in the dust. The reason for the new performance is mainly due to new motors and a new optical sensor underneath the quad. The new sensors help stabilize the drone to a new level of accuracy making it the most stable quadcopter yet in this price range.

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Nov 26th, 2015



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