William R "bill" Anderson Jr


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Introduction To Gatosk

William R "bill" Anderson Jr

Our prices are competitive. Compare our prices with other online Print-On-Demand (POD) companies such as customink.com and skreened.com, see for yourself. Gatosk offers exceedingly affordable customizable apparel items, advertising spaces, and service packages. We reward distributors and graphic designers with an excellent patent pending compensation plan and contest cash prizes. We reward customers with store credits. We are a community-oriented profit organization. Affordable everyday POD products Affordable advertising spaces No monthly payment required No autoship, no product refills No distributor start up costs Free store credits Affordable optional service packages starting at $5/mo. Affordable distributor fee of $5/mo Patent pending 1.5x Grid TM Why Gatosk? TM Everybody loves Gatosk! Affordable Print-On-Demand (POD) Products Competitive Prices Unique POD Network Marketing Company No Autoship, No Product Refills No Monthly Payment Requirement No Distributor Start Up Costs Below Features Coming in Fall 2015! Optional Auto-Renewable Service Packages (from $5/mo. to $100/mo) Affordable Advertising Spaces Affordable Distributor Fee of $5/mo.

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Sep 29th, 2015



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William R "bill" Anderson Jr's Bio

Meet William R. "Bill" Anderson Jr, his experience includes 28 plus years of executive sales and marketing experience. Retired, Disabled Veteran of USN and USNR military man.

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