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200 Social Media Marketing Tactics video 3 Tips on using Facebook

Aaron M Spelling

Tips on using Facebook 72. Open a group account, not a personal account. There are two types of account you can open on Facebook. For social media marketing, you should open a group account instead of a personal account. Its features are designed for marketing. 73. Get your first 25 likes. A group account will only have access to all its features once it already gathers 25 likes from other users. 74. Consider getting a paid advertisement service from Facebook. Facebook offers a tool that will make your page appear on the advertisement section of other Facebook users. You can also set this option to appear only on a select market niche (age filters, address filter, gender filter, etc.). But this is a paid feature. 75. Post things that your subscribers will feel like sharing. If one of your subscribers shares a post from your page, it will be available in their profile page. This way, it will be exposed to everyone in the friendlist of that person. This will extend the reach of your social media account. 76. Like pages or groups which are in some way connected to your market niche. Read More about this topic Here : http://video-tutorials.pw/200-social-media-marketing-tactics-video-3-tips-on-using-facebook/

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Sep 14th, 2015



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