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200 Social Media Marketing Tactics Video 2 Tips on using multimedia content

Aaron M Spelling

Tips on using multimedia content 24. Use only high quality media content. Do not settle for mediocre quality. The quality of the media content you upload will have a huge impact on your company’s image. Make sure that you only use high quality ones. 25. Instead of uploading videos to the actual social media account, considering using links instead. Some social media sites limit how many megabytes of file you can upload. So instead of uploading a video to the blog site, consider uploading them to Youtube first and link the Youtube URL to your blog site. 26. Choose multimedia designs that suit your targeted market niche. The design scheme of the multimedia contents you upload should match the nature of your business. 27. Always check for possible mistakes before uploading so as to maintain credibility. Especially if you hired people to make the video or graphics for you, it will be necessary that you check it for errors first before you upload it. 28. Know the upload limitations of your social media of choice. Facebook for example limits how many megabyte of file you can upload. Know these limits so you can plan how much multimedia file you can use to improve the look of your page. Read More about this topic Here : http://video-tutorials.pw/200-social-media-marketing-tactics-video-2-tips-on-using-multimedia-content/

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Sep 14th, 2015



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