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Syma X11C RC Quad-copter with Camera and LED Lights

Vu Tran

For beginners as well as for indoor flying the Syma X11C RC Quad-copter is one of the Best Micro Quad-copter. It is not only safe, silky smooth, quiet but the Syma X11C is extremely user friendly. The flexible guard will allow the user to ‘bounce’ off obstacles keeping it in control and the rubber feet cushion protects the drone from any impact against a hard floor. This Micro Quadcopter can turn 360 degrees on its Axis without making any change in its height, the Yaw rate may not be the fastest but it can be regulated easily. Flying the Syma indoors is the best the user can experience and when compared to any other drones Syma X11CRC is extremely light-weighted. There is the added advantage of being able to experiment with Aerial Photography with this great Camera Drone from Syma, providing the users with commendable and sleek photography.

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Jun 15th, 2017



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