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Flexible Canoe Paddle - Ugly Duck Gear - Canoe - Kayak - Great Catch - Low Slippage

Dan Faschingbauer

http://www.uglyduckgear.com - Flexible Canoe Paddle - Ugly Duck Gear - Canoe - Kayak - Great Catch - Low Slippage The Ugly Duck Paddle is a revolutionary design using the methodology of ‘form follows function’. Conceived while watching ducks swim in a local river, its uniquely flexible soft blade conforms itself to the water while working, forming an efficient cupped shape. This cup gives significant improvement in propulsion and is making traditional hard surface paddles obsolete. The blade cup is the best part of the UD story. For simplicity let’s assume you are paddling on your right side, left hand on the grip and pulling with your right. As you start a stroke and pull, the water around the blade doesn’t move initially but tries to stay motionless. In your High School physics class you learned partially of Newton's First Law of Motion ‘an object at rest tends to stay at rest’. So it is with the water around your paddle. It has inertia and resists moving. But as you continue to apply force to the paddle shaft, energy gets transferred down the hub in the form of motion into the two rod assemblies. The two backward moving rods pull on the edges of the flexible web of the blade. Adjacent still water presses forwards against the center of the blade’s web, deforming it and creating the cupped shape. Website: http://www.uglyduckgear.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UglyDuckGear Email: bruce@uglyduckgear.com

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Apr 25th, 2016



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