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Lead Octopus Review and Bonus Announcement

Peter Van Gameren Hi, my name is Peter from ReviewResidence, home of the quality review. I hope you are all alright and doing well. Today I would like to discuss with you a new Wordpress plugin called lead octopus. What is lead octopus? It is a list building wordpress plugin and then some. We have used the predecessor for more than a year now that we jumped on buying lead octopus as soon as it was available. Here you can see our proof of payment. Here is the installation on one of our websites. Be aware though that what you see here is not the front end version. We made the decision to go for the upsells as they offer additional great benefits. What this plugin is best at, is offering you multiple ways to add visitors to your website to your list. You can have visitors join your list by leaving their email details. Or you can have them subscribe through Facebook or Google Plus. People are pretty lazy so one click subscribing sometimes makes all the difference. Apart from all of the above, a pretty neat feature of the plugin is that if people subscribe to our list using Facebook, not only can you email them on their Facebook email address, which usually is an email address that gets read every day, you can also send them Facebook notifications. Facebook notifications are what made Facebook such an engaging platform in the first place. These notifications get attention and get opened. Over 90% open rate is normal for notifications.

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Apr 15th, 2016



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