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Pixel Studio FX Demo - Great eCover design tool

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Pixel FX Studio Brand new tech start up, Pixel Studio FX, have been disrupting the design world with their flagship eCover design tool, ‘Pixel Studio FX’ that allows anyone to create 3D eCovers for a wide range of product types, from magazines to Amazon Kindle book covers, DVDs to boxsets and beyond. For over a decade, small business owners, marketers and even designers, have been wrestling with the task of creating compelling, realistic, professional covers and artwork for their products. Pixel Studio FX saw this as an opportunity to launch their firm with a tool that aims to eliminate the technical struggle, the expensive design tools and the creative limitations of DIY designers, allowing anyone to create premium product packaging and book covers with “push button simplicity”, thanks to the hundreds of preloaded designs in their library and their easy to use interface. Although not popular with professional designers (some independent designers are reportedly furious and actively attempting to belittle or even sabotage the new tool). Founder Adeel Chowdhry insists that Pixel Studio FX “isn’t designed to replace professional design studios.” Instead, “Pixel Studio FX” was created to give budget conscious business owners a chance to create their own designs on a shoestring, without back and forth with agencies or freelancers. Pixel Studio FX is now available, with multiple options for your intended usage level.

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Feb 8th, 2016



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