Shane Rutledge


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Shane Rutledge

HEATING & HEATER REPAIR, DALLAS, MESQUITE & SURROUNDING AREAS Furnace Repair, Replacement and Commercial Services There are several ways to heat your home and the method you select is important. There are several things to consider when choosing a system, such as, efficiency of the heat source, cost of operation, and the age of your current heating system. Xtreme Air Services can guide you through the process of selecting a heating system that will fit your needs. Just like your cooling system can save you $$$ so can your heating system! Let us help you pick the system that will best serve your family's needs. There are several types of heating systems. There is the heat pump system, electrical heating, gas heating, propane heating, and geo-thermal heat pumps. We can analyze your current heating system and let you know how a new energy efficient system would work to save you energy cost, so give us a call today and start your savings with a new energy efficient heating system. HEAT INSPECTION & Heat Pump $39.95 Heat Inspection with free carbon monoxide test Our Check up includes a 21 Point Inspection: Check thermostat Clean or change filter (customer supplied) Check heat exchanger Carbon monoxide test Inspect for gas leaks Inspect pilot Measure amps/volts Access and clean spark ignition Clean burner assembly Examine vent pipe Examine flue pipe Examine electrical connections Check all electrical Level furnace or air handler Inspect all duct work Examine reversing valve Examin

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Jan 23rd, 2016


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  • Telly Diaz
    Sun, 24th Jan '16 - 21:21
    nice videos, did you make them yourself?
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