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Jon Floyd

St Louis SEO (314) 627-5988 Small businesses. Cut your direct mail costs in half. Average 15 percent total response rate and double your sales. Goodbye Rams: It was fun while it lasted!!! SELL MORE; COST LESS Presenting: St Louis BizTalk Voice Trifecta You best lead-generation tool just got better. Reach more clients and prospects with personalized calls that go straight to their voicemail. Everyone checks their voicemail messages. This is powerful small business owners. Never again interrupt someone who is driving or at work or when they don't want to be bothered. Think about this: Owners send your personal message thanking your current customers or patients for doing business with you and offer them a special discount they cannot refuse. Get them back in to your place of business. More recurring income. Or utilize our targeted database of customers and reach out to new buying customers in your area at pennies on the dollar. Auto dealers... get your customers back in for servicing their car or for vehicle recalls where the auto company pays for the repairs. Or sell more new cars. The sky is the limit. That's right PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. And they will not discard your advertisement like most do to direct mail pieces and impersonal text messages. This new technology is way less expensive than direct mail, texting, radio, TV, newspaper ads and works AWESOME with St Louis SEO or SEO anywhere in the country. This has been prov

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Jan 18th, 2016



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Stop selling...become the Authority, be the Authority. The Influencer, the Disrupter.
If you feel that you are a match for our program, give me a call at 314-627-5988 or send me a quick email and we can schedule a consultation at

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