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Alex Barros Did you know that Sam Walton’s famous blue retailer is not only the world’s largest retailer in the OFFLINE world... ... but that it’s taking on the ONLINE world by storm? It’s the hot new affiliate marketing program that NO ONE used to talk about before, because they used to pay 3-4% commissions. Now, they pay up to 10%. It’s crazy! Imagine selling tires... flat screen TVs... or anything else! It’s true. Affiliate marketers are getting more and more active in the Walmart affiliate space. Why now? Because in 2016, Walmart is paying commissions as high as ten percent on sales that you bring them. Whatever you are passionate about... you can sell for profit. As long as Walmart has it, they will pay you to help them find buyers. Period. PS: in year 2016, the Walmart niche will NOT get over-saturated. They sell millions of SKUs. Do you understand how much potential there is here?! Get a piece of the pie today.

Product Advertising

Jan 9th, 2016



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