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Obamacare enrollments

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Henry Nolan

This video provides information to individuals and families regarding the enrollment process that is presently in progress for which they they may be eligible. Eligibility qualification starts with being a citizen or a green card or legal status to work in this country. Secondly one should qualify by way of income levels, $12,000 and the bottom end and $48, 000 at the top level. Plans all have the same benefits but premiums and deductibles may different depending on the insurance company and what ratio of responsibility go with that plan. Eg. Silver has a seventy percent subsidy subsidy from the Govt. and thirty percent responsibility from enrollee. However in this enrollment cycle some companies are issuing policies some with as low as $0 premiums and $0 deductible which is great news for the consumer. These plans are also noncancellable with no underwriting specs for preexisting conditions. In some counties and communities the insurance companies have excellent service facilities with very responsive care givers. Consumers need to hurry , enrollment ends on January 31st. Enrollment process is noted to be much simpler and quick and can be easily completed without having to wait in line for the system to assist. Five minutes and enrollment is completed.

Obamacare enrollments
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Jan 6th, 2016



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