Barry Sowder


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Yoga for Beginners Classes Longwood, FL - Start 2016 The Right Way!

Barry Sowder

Yoga for Beginners in Longwood There is an art to teaching yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga classes should be fun and teach the basic fundamentals of yoga. Yoga Basics Lake Center Yoga Longwood has been teaching yoga for beginners for over 18 years. We have it down to a fine art that we keep refining on a weekly basis in our Yoga Basics class. Yoga Basics is a six-week course. We cover one basic but important principal per week for the first four weeks. We then review and put everything together over the last two weeks. Since spirit is an important part of the body, mind, spirit approach of yoga, we have a spiritual theme for each class. Yoga for Beginners – Not Just for the Flexible or Fit Some people think beginners yoga is only for flexible or fit people. That’s like saying weight lifting is only for strong people or that eating well is only for healthy people. Please come as you are. We honor everyone no matter what your physical attributes are right now. You will gently be shown how to do poses in a way that works for you. You may find you are unable to do a certain pose due to an injury or other physical limitation. If so, our highly-trained teachers will show you a variation of the pose or another pose that you will be able to do. That is our promise. Our classes are a competition-free zone where you can relax, have fun and be yourself!

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Dec 24th, 2015



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