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Mantra Gym Mantra Gym is a comprehensive sex education book for boys, sex education book for adults (and also for girl masterbate) with 10 courses step by step guide for males how to masterbate (gym, therapy, massage, exercise) their manhood. A self-care sexual enhancement, meditation and maintenance program for male sexual organs as a regular body work out and/or during masterbation. A guide book for men to experience Prostate Massage that leads to Full Body Orgasm and other sex education knowledge from author Maya Wang with her unique experience gathered from more than ten thousand male clients that crossed over twelve years. In the Part One - Theory of Sensuality, with 17 custom drawn illustrations to illustrate all the male and female sex secrets that have never before been published before. Maya Wang exposes her great discoveries about male and female G-spot locations and other sexual secrets that everyone surely don’t want to miss: • Male and Female orgasms originate from the same three sources. Maya Wang has named these “The Three Levels of Orgasm (Ejaculation)” for male & female sexuality enhancement; • Male and Female share common G-spots locations. There 5 G-spots in women and 4 G-spots in men. Wang has named these as “Y-zone g-spots”; • To prevent premature ejaculation, use “Mantra Delaying Cords (MDC)” to delay ejaculation in order to achieve long lasting intercourse and Multiple-orgasms, it brings men sexual state to a new horizon.

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Dec 23rd, 2015


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  • Mark Gould
    Sat, 26th Dec '15 - 09:24
    Hey Like your method of video production....what software is that? Mark at
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