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ELITE ELECTRONICS HIGH QUALITY | Rapid Charger | Travel Power Voltage Converter

Franco Joseph Elite Electronics: USB Multiport "Rapid" Desktop Charger USA - 4 Port Charging Station, iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Tablet - Travel Power Converter - 4 Plug Charge Adapter - 220 / 110 USA/UK/AU/EU/ASIA/JP ELITE ELECTRONICS HIGH QUALITY : Travel power voltage converter step down (AC Input: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz.) All with international 4AC plugs+4USB ports together with the international plug adapter for all your international travel 4 USB CHARGING PORTS: USB Desktop rapid wall charger. Are isolated from AC outlets for the safety of your devices, USB Output: 1 Port working: 5V, 2000mA / 2 Port working: 5V, 1000mA / 3 Port working: 5V, 670mA / 4 Port working: 5V, 500mA for iPhones, Samsung, other mobile phones and USB devices, will povide the fastest possible charging speed MULTI OPTION FOR DIFFERENT PLUG STANDARD: 4 international adapters included ( ASIA/UK/US/AU/EU Plug) support outlets in North America, Philippines, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, Japan, China etc, more than 150 countries over the world. UNIVERSAL & PORTABLE: Compact size(Size&Weight:6.9 x 2.6 x 10.1cm (LXW*H) and light weight, slim and sleek design, makes it easy to pack and take anywhere you go. High power 20W output for each USB port, rapid charge your Phones, GPS, MP3 or MP4, Bluetooth Headset and external battery pack. High efficiency to save the charging time during the vocation. ELITE ELECTRONICS SAFETY LIFE: The power strip built-in intelligent char

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Dec 9th, 2015



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