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X-Treme Locking Laces - Buy on Amazon - Triathlon - Bike Races - Marathon Sports Laces

Franco Joseph

- Never tie your shoe laces again!!! - Easy to use, comfort, water resistant, improved performance - Recommended by Podiatrists, Approved by Athletic Trainers, Loved by Professional Athletes - Perfect for walking, running, triathlons, outdoors, kids, seniors, individuals with special needs X-treme Locking laces: Engineered and designed to improve performance and keep laces locked and secure throughout the course of a triathlon race, baseball game, running practice, hiking, or just any type of physical workout wearing shoes of any type. Fast and Convenient.... Secure Elastic shoelace and fastening system. Great for runners, triathletes, multi-sport enthusiasts, and everyday users. simple compression and improve the fit, feel, and function of any lace-up shoe. Exclusive bungee-style cord design insures locked-in safety, stretch-fit comfort and improves transition times. Water resistant. Easy to use. Podiatrist approved. Ideal for athletes, hikers, children, seniors and individuals of all ages and activity levels. X-treme LOCKING LACES are one size fits all. Specs: 48"; elastic and stretchable to 72". We Have many colors to choose from over 24 colors available... White Black Brown Red Navy Blue Royal Blue Cotton Candy Hot Pink Purple Green Apple Orange Yellow Grey Neon Yellow Neon Green Swirl Black Swirl Red Swirl Blue Swirl Purple Swirl Orange Swirl Neon Yellow Swirl Neon Green

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Dec 8th, 2015



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