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TUCW Quality Investments Houston Texas (281) 410-1567

Maide N Deals Who We Are TUCW Quality Investments, is a relationship based Real Estate Investment company focused on solving the problems of multi-family property owners who are no longer interested in dealing with multiple tenants. We specialize in under performing assets that owners are interested in selling or leasing out to a Master Tenant. What We Do We take over under performing assets as the Master Tenant and improve the properties cash flow while protecting the owners monthly income. Through our relationships with one of the best Property Managing Companies in Houston we can change failing assets to highly profitable properties and get the owners the money they need out of the sale of their asset. This results in a win - win for everyone. #QualityInvestments #QualityInvestmentsHoustonTexas # Produced by Maide N Deals LLC

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Dec 4th, 2015



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